Why Us


5 Reasons Why Our Clients Choose Pioneer InfoTech to be their IT Support Company

1. Experience – Leave it to the professionals

We have experience with over 100 companies in Singapore as well as professional experience in enterprise IT departments. We have established procedures for virtually every aspect of IT management and we have the experience to make IT a competitive advantage for your business.

2. Service – A true partnership

We have organized our consulting practice around the idea that long-term relationships yield the best results for us and our clients. Our approach is to document all aspects and changes made to your network, this allows us to be able to serve you quickly and with more accuracy as we don’t have to start from square 1 each time. And this documentation will be available to you at any time, we will not keep your network hostage. As long as we are doing our job to your satisfaction we feel confident that you will remain a loyal client.

3. Designed for Small and Medium Sized Companies

We deal exclusively with small and medium sized companies, so we have huge amounts of experience of their special needs. If you are a company such as this, our service and our experience is tailored to your needs.

4. Forward Thinking

We understand the challenges facing business like migration to Cloud Computing, Virtualization, the shift from database reporting to business intelligence, and can help your business get there.

5. Free, No Obligation Audit

We will evaluate your situation for FREE and give you a guaranteed price in writing (not an estimate) on what it will take to get you back up and running. If you want us to provide the service we’ll get started right away.