Your business is under more pressure to enhance competitive advantages and meet new business demands. But excessive, outdated, or otherwise inefficient IT infrastructure wastes time and is expensive to maintain. By modernizing your IT, you can take advantage of the benefits of virtualization, the cloud, and solutions that simplify management and improve security.

Leverage the power of virtualization technology—combined with our expertise helping businesses just like yours—to simplify your infrastructure and retain your competitive advantage. Employing the right IT strategy can help reduce operational costs and improve the efficiency of your staff, leading to valuable time savings.

Trust Pioneer InfoTech to Simplify Your IT.


Modernize IT to Support and Grow Your Business
  1. Save money and maximize your server resources through virtualization.
  2. Keep your information safe with the latest security solutions.
  3. Simplify maintenance and reduce the hassle of managing your infrastructure.
  4. Upgrade your infrastructure to increase efficiency across your organization.
  5. Prepare to take advantage of the flexibility of hosted infrastructure services.


Windows Optimized Server Solution

Microsoft Windows Server 2012, server virtualization using Hyper-V technology has been an integral part of the operating system. Hyper-V makes it easier than ever to take advantage of the cost savings of virtualization through Windows Server 2012. Optimize your server hardware investments by consolidating multiple server roles as separate virtual machines running on a single physical machine, efficiently run multiple different operating systems in parallel, on a single server, and fully leverage the power of x64 computing.

By providing multiple VMs at once, this approach allows several operating systems to run simultaneously on a single physical machine.

Rather than paying for many under-utilized server machines, each dedicated to a specific workload, server virtualization allows those workloads to be consolidated onto a smaller number of more fully-used machines.


  1. Minimize capital expenditures
  2. Reduce Operating Costs
  3. Improve Service Levels


Windows Optimized Datacenter (Core IO)

The Optimized Datacenter solution is a central part of Microsoft Core Infrastructure Optimization (Core IO). It focuses on the server platform, virtualization, management, and security in datacenters. A primary objective of the Optimized Datacenter solution is to help information-technology (IT) departments within your organizations transform your datacenters from cost centers into strategic assets.

Optimized Datacenter solutions are designed to maximize your investments by integrating into your existing infrastructure. Optimized Datacenter solutions simplify the task of managing and delivering IT services. This means you can improve your operational efficiency and quickly enable new business scenarios. Advancing the maturity of a datacenter in order to achieve a more efficient and agile core infrastructure requires a scalable and reliable platform; the ability to manage across datacenter services, and physical and virtual environments; and the ability to provide secure access so that organizations can extend services to where they need them most.


Windows Optimized Desktop Solution

The Optimized Desktop solution simplifies application delivery and centralizes the management of physical, virtual and thin clients from a single unified tool, helping keep your costs down. Virtualization technologies help simplify application and desktop lifecycle management, providing support for legacy line-of-business applications on newer operating system platforms and rapid and dynamic deployment of new applications. Your IT staff benefits from reducing testing times for new applications as well as making self-service provisioning available to your people based on identity and role.

Optimized Desktop addresses how a desktop infrastructure enables business flexibility and cost reduction by making employees productive anywhere. The Optimized Desktop solution also provides IT with the resources necessary to enhance security and control and streamline management. IT departments are expected to build and manage a desktop infrastructure that supports and enables people to be successful in their jobs. To help IT departments do this, an optimized desktop defines a state in which an organization has attained the necessary balance between empowering employees with the flexibility they need to be productive and providing IT with the needed level of control, manageability, and security.


Business Continuity Solutions

Implementing a reliable, rapid-recovery strategy can be time-consuming and expensive, requiring redundant server, storage and network infrastructure often in separate locations. Because of this, many companies simply don't have comprehensive business continuity plans to protect their critical infrastructure and applications.

With virtualization business continuity solutions, you can add high availability and disaster recovery options to your business. Plus if you already deploy business continuity for some applications, you can use virtualization to extend protection to additional applications.

With virtualization business continuity solutions, you can add high availability and disaster recovery options to your business. Plus if you already deploy business continuity for some applications, you can use virtualization to extend protection to additional applications.


  1. Leverage savings from consolidation to deliver better business continuity
  2. Deploy and maintain the same number or fewer physical servers while enabling geographic diversification
  3. Combine Microsoft and partner capabilities for high-performance and affordable solutions