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Cloud-based solutions have changed how companies do business.

As Cloud-IT experts, Pioneer InfoTech consultants understand SME business dynamics and will help you optimize new business opportunities on the cloud.

Using cloud server solutions, SMEs gain operation agility that gives them a competitive advantage over their peers. It provides a robust yet affordable backup and disaster recovery solution, cuts hardware capital expenditure, improved data security, and increases team collaboration. In addition, cloud computing helps you and your employees work from anywhere without device restrictions.

With more than 20 years of experience in the IT industry, our team knows only the right process can make businesses scalable. Our processes are tailor-made to suit your specific business needs and systems. Starting from assessment to planning, and lastly migration, our expert team has succeeded in migrating some of the biggest SME workloads. We leverage the best tools to personalize solutions to cater to your unique needs.

How We Do It?


Our experts give your business a complete assessment. We work together to come up with a structured cloud-based workshop. We cover compliance and security issues, operational models, business plans, and migration plans. The business gaps and opportunities are identified in the assessment report to help us prepare better for the migration.


Before we start the journey to the cloud, our consultants come up with a detailed plan showing all costs and ROI. The consultants have had thousands of hours migrating complex workloads.


Well, it’s finally time to move. We are experts in integration, optimization, and orchestration which are critical migration factors. Our team works using an agile process that has yielded success time and again. They work through your workload and backlog achieving improved costs and operational benefits. We work seamlessly together with your team and other stakeholders to execute a successful migration.

We walk with you through the strategy for the continuous reinvention of your business with no hikes and dips in traffic.

With the current CODVID-19 pandemic, all companies have been forced to work from home in support of social-distancing measures to curb the virus. SMEs with cloud server services haven’t had their operations paralyzed by the pandemic. It’s a clear indication of how cloud-based systems are a business contingency plan.

We are currently in a dynamic business environment. To remain competitive, your business productivity shouldn’t be based on the location of your employees. 

At Pioneer InfoTech, we will help you efficiently transition to a remote working platform at a discounted cost. Let our experts transform your company into an intelligent enterprise with smart cloud server solutions.  


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