• Cloud-IT

    We help you move on-premise IT infrastructure cost and complexity out to your cloud-based organization.

  • Green-IT

    We believe we can do our share to help protect and preserve our environment by offering Green-IT services.

  • Simplify-IT

    We consolidate all your under-utilized server machines into a smaller number of more fully-used virtual machines.

  • Secure-IT

    We offers a wide range of network security services that includes consulting and training.

Welcome to Pioneer InfoTech

Pioneer InfoTech is an Information Technology consulting firm providing comprehensive technology solutions that allow our clients to be more effective and increase their business productivity. We specialize in the integration of Business Information Technology within corporate environments and our goal is to help our clients solve complex business and technology challenges by offering a full range of Information Technology consulting services.

Why our clients choose us to be their IT support company?

Experience: Leave it to the professionals

We have experience with over 100 companies in Singapore …read more

Designed for SMEs Companies

We deal exclusively with SMEs, so we have huge amounts of experience of their special needs…read more

Service: A true partnership

We know long-term relationships yield the best results for us and our clients…read more

Forward Thinking

We understand the challenges facing business like migration to Cloud Computing, Virtualization …read more