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  • In todays digital world, businesses are increasingly turning to managed service providers (MSPs) for their IT needs. An MSP is an IT services provider that offers a range of managed IT services and solutions, such as network monitoring, cloud hosting, data backup, and security.

    MSPs are a great choice for businesses that dont have the resources or expertise to manage their own IT infrastructure. By engaging an MSP, businesses can benefit from access to the latest technology and expertise, as well as cost savings due to economies of scale. An MSP can also provide peace of mind by monitoring and managing the IT infrastructure, ensuring that it runs smoothly and securely.

    In addition, MSPs offer a range of value-added services, such as analytics and reporting, that can help businesses gain insights into their IT infrastructure and make better decisions. MSPs can also help businesses plan for the future, by providing advice on the latest trends and technologies.

    Overall, using an MSP can help businesses get the most out of their IT investments, while also providing peace of mind and cost savings.

  • Keep your staff productive and clients satisfied in an ever-changing business landscape through capable, accessible, and reliable solutions.

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Managed Security Services


We can deploy and manage your:


We monitor your firewall and study what your network traffic looks like so that we can easily spot and correct any abnormal patterns.


  • End-Point Protection

We provide security to defend endpoint devices such as desktops, laptops and mobile that you've granted the privilege to connect to your network from bringing risks to your infrastructure.


  • Email Gateway

A secure email gateway filters inbound or outbound emails to ensure malicious content doesn't reach your mail server.


  • Business Email Compromise (BEC) Protection

We implement multi-factor authentication and other protocols to protect you from mail sent by scammers to defraud your business. 


  • Vulnerability Management

We can assess your workflow, processes, and hardware to identify vulnerabilities to strategize the right response.


  • Penetration Testing

Our pen testing analysis, tools, and techniques aim to strengthen your organization's security policy, staff security awareness, and response to threats and incidents.


Managed Networking Services


Pioneer InfoTech can provide hardware infrastructure and manage and monitor its many components. We use a well-integrated solution that addresses issues across technology layers, so we can act rapidly on your behalf to resolve problems or restore operations.


Managed Data Protection Services


Company data can be wiped out accidentally or maliciously, whether by wrong or deliberate deletion, storage failure, or ransomware attack. Even before this happens, you'll need a dedicated team to look after real-time data backup and recovery. Pioneer InfoTech's specialists are experienced in dealing with major outages and recovery scenarios while maintaining high security and control over your client and user data.



Managed Cloud Server Services


Managed Cloud Server Services provide organizations with the choice and flexibility to remotely manage mission-critical workloads in the cloud. We also perform updates and offer data backup, end-user support, and network performance checks.


Managed-IT Services


We work in the background to proactively monitor cloud-managed desktops, servers, networks, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace. This ensures that we can act on critical issues before they cause interruptions.



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